Excel Cannot Achieve (probably) -- Show the difference from Previous Month.

i was asked by my friend. "Teach me the difference from Excel".


It's way different, anyway, try to explain with using very simple example.

We use same data which were posted the otehr day.

Tableau View:


Excle View:


To add lavel, already had problem which mean I needed to add 5 different lable for each.. I gave up to modify the number format x 5 times....

Plus, I could not find a way to add sum of each month on tpo of Bar chart, which we already done in Tableau last week. 

Anyway, up to his point no significant difference.


Now we want to show the diference from last month.  Let's do that in both softwares.






End Results by Excel



I don't know the way to show vertical ordered two graphs, but only horizontal ordered two graphs.


Tableau :




Concept is same as Excel Pivot.

Then drag to Rows.


End Results in Tableau.


Side by Side (Excel vs Tableau)



Further more,

I tired to compare each company's difference from previous month.

I even don't want to create something with Excel for this request here....

It requres 3 company x 2 (standard, delta) graphs.....

On the other hadn with Tableau, just drag "Company" on Row.



Now you can get the Sales by month, diffdrence from previous by Company.

With same scale of "Y-axis" automatically. 

(<== this is important for us, in the past in my company , we wasted time to discuss "BiG' delta of "Small" absolite value.   But if you need to create indivicula chart independently. this is also pretty troublesome.)


You can find couple of highlights immediately from these charts.

Company A is pretty stable acroos products, but three data point have big delta.

Company B has big fructuation on Prod.3.

Company C has big fructuation  on Prod.4.



Furtehrmore, with selecting "Prod.5"(or any other dimension) in color legend, you can highlight "Prod.5" in the graph.


Above is just one simple example we don't want to struggle with Escel any more,  : ) 

And Tableau became Savior to me.

<<Link to workbook on Tableau Public>>

Let's play aruojnd and Enjoy!